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Sam Harris and the “Ground Zero Mosque”

I agree with much of what Sam Harris writes. When I don’t agree, it’s usually a question of degree. For instance, Harris recently ignited debate at his TED talk, in which he advocated science as an arbiter of moral decisions. While … Continue reading

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What Cost, Secularism? Turkey’s Impending Political Crisis

TURKEY edged towards prolonged political and economic turmoil on Monday March 31st after the country’s most senior court unanimously agreed to consider a case calling for the banning of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) party and for the prime … Continue reading

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The Day of No Magical Thinking

I was on my home from snowboarding today (thanks to the timely arrival of a snowstorm in the Cascades) thinking of writing this entry. When I got home and turned my TV on, I found an uncanny coincidence between my … Continue reading

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