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Jon Stewart Nailed It

I  am with what anecdotally seems to be the majority of people, who thought the Daily Show interview of Jim Cramer conducted by Jon Stewart was brilliant, even while painful to watch. Jim Cramer had the misfortune of representing all … Continue reading

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Daily Show Skewers McCain Convention Speech


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Fox News: The Meter is Running – Daily Show

If you missed the Daily Show this past Thursday, they offered a retrospective look at Fox News that was not only “Fair and Balanced” but hilariously on point. Especially damning is the way they demonstrate the bold hypocrasy of Fox … Continue reading

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Jonah Goldberg: Author, Asshole

So I saw Jonah Goldberg on the Daily Show tonight to promote his book, Liberal Fascism. Apparently the interview went so long that it had to be edited for time (as you can tell as you watch the interview). I … Continue reading

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