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On September 11

Every September 11 in the United States, we are besieged with exhortations to remember the eponymous terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. These come in many forms, from the innocent social media posts of our friends and relatives and celebrities … Continue reading


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If circumstances are such that thrift, energy, industry, and forethought enable the farmer, the tiller of the soil, on the one hand, and the wage-worker on the other, to keep themselves, their wives, and their children in reasonable comfort, then … Continue reading

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Sam Harris and the “Ground Zero Mosque”

I agree with much of what Sam Harris writes. When I don’t agree, it’s usually a question of degree. For instance, Harris recently ignited debate at his TED talk, in which he advocated science as an arbiter of moral decisions. While … Continue reading

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On the attack…

The Obama campaign has signaled that they’re going to come out on the attack more. I haven’t seen it much yet myself, but I think this can be a good sign or a bad sign. So far, the campaign has … Continue reading

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Gen. Clark Said What?!

I imagine a day gone by where the news media reported facts, as best they knew them, turned a critical eye toward the statements of authorities, ferreting out the truth behind the rhetoric, and presenting it to its audience to … Continue reading

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Attack of the Robots!

Drew Carey’s dropping a little knowledge about robots stealing our jobs: But perhaps even more troubling:

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Barack Obama: The Truth Is Out

As those reading here might know, I’ve been a supporter of Barack Obama for a little while now. Well, I recently came across a recent photo of Obama giving one of his stump speeches, and something just didn’t sit right … Continue reading

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Americans Who Make Me Sick – Antonin Scalia

I just ran across this tidbit from Wikipedia: In a legal conference in Ottawa, Canada, for example, US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia took offense at a Canadian judge’s remark that his nation did not consider what Jack Bauer would … Continue reading

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