Republican Party: The New Tories?

If Jonathan Martin at Politico is correct, the Republicans are planning a little pow-wow shortly following this year’s elections to figure out the future direction of the party. That’s great… but unfortunately they’ve already decided on the direction, and it’s apparently further to the right.

I would love to see the party move toward a more libertarian bent (not all the way, but partially), but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Instead, they seem intent on solidifying themselves as a long-term minority party, a la the British Conservative Party.

Few believe that the Republican party will respond to another brutal election by following a path of moderation, but conservatives are deeply dispirited and anxious to reassert the core values they believe have not always been followed by Bush, congressional leaders and their party’s presidential nominee . Many on the right, both elites and the rank-and-file, see a rudderless party that is in dire need of new blood and old principles: small government, a robust national security and unapologetic social conservatism.

[If McCain wins] Palin would be seen as their conduit to power. “She would be the conservative in the White House,” is how the source put it. Should McCain lose next Tuesday, the conversation will include who to groom as the next generation of conservative leaders – a list that will feature Palin at or near the top.

Jonathan Martin’s Blog: Conservatives plan secret post-election strategy session –

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