McCain to Congress: Get Back to Work!

There seems to be a lot of choose from in terms of comments on McCain’s recent visit to Sturgis, South Dakota to pay his respects at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

What to choose from? McCain’s “we’re gonna drill now! we’re gonna drill here!” nonsense? His offering his wife up as a competitor to the racy Miss Buffalo Chip competition (in his defense, that cunt does “plaster on the makeup like a trollop”)?

Nah… those things are too easy. I find pointing out hypocrisy to be much more rewarding.

Fast forward to 3:32.

McCain: …well I’m tellin’ ya right now- we’re sending $700 billion every year, and your Congress just went on vacation for five weeks. Tell ’em to come back and get to work! Tell ’em to get to work! When I’m President of the United States, I’m not gonna let ’em go on vacation…

That’s right: John McCain, who’s missed 399 (63.3%) of this year’s Senate votes, whose last vote according to the Washington Post was in April, is railing about Congress getting back to work.

Hopefully, McCain will improve his voting record next year when he returns to the Senate.

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