Oh No He Didn’t!

Summary: McCain gets set straight by another veteran on his “perfect voting record” from groups “like the VFW”.

Apparently, groups, “like the American Legion and the VFW” doesn’t include the American Legion or the VFW itself, neither of which release congressional scorecards. As for the group Disabled American Veterans (DAV) referenced by the questioner, McCain carries a 20% rating with that group, whose 2007 score seems to be based primarily on 5 votes that would have increased veterans’ health care.

I’m sure there’s a very good reason for not voting to increase veterans’ health care- something like…um… erh… not enough incentive for career officers?

McCain wasn’t completely off-base with his defense, though. According to FactCheck:

In 1992, McCain also won the VFW’s Americanism Award, which is “awarded to an individual for outstanding contribution to Americanism principles.” Other past winners include former AFL-CIO President George Meaney, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, actor John Wayne and the company FedEx.
FactCheck.org: Does McCain have a perfect voting record according to veterans’ groups?

So there you have it. McCain may not have the best voting record for veterans or current troops, but he certainly has contributed to Americanism principles– like the great Pete Rozelle.

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