Lou Aguilar: Real Men Vote McCain

Lou Aguilar says that real men vote for John McCain. The gauntlet’s down, men. You wouldn’t want Lou to think you’re a big pussy now would you? That’s right. If you want to prove to Lou and everyone that you’re the biggest prick around, you’ll vote McCain. After all, he spent 5 years as a POW, and God-willing, he’ll see to it that so do a lot of today’s soldiers (what better a way to make sure they re-enlist after all? Lord knows we can’t have them going to school and gettin’ all educated).

Just in case your testosterone levels are wavering, Lou’s got 10 manly reasons for John McCain to get your testicular vote. Read all about it: Lou Aguilar on John McCain on National Review Online

But there’s only one thing you need to know:

Lou Aguilar is a fiction writer

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