Obama takes heat from Catholic League over Pfleger

The Catholic League sharply criticized Barack Obama Friday for his ties to controversial Catholic minister Michael Pfleger, saying in a statement the Illinois senator should have severed ties with him long ago.
CNN Political Ticker: Obama takes heat from Catholic League over Pfleger

Lemme get this right… the Catholic League is criticizing Barack Obama for his ties to a Catholic minister. In case this wasn’t surreal enough…

The Catholic League is an influential non-partisan organization that says its mission is to protect the free-speech rights of Catholics “whenever and wherever they are threatened.”


All irony aside, I don’t really understand the source of the Catholic League’s complaints. Whether you think Michael Pfleger’s comments were inappropriate or not, I can’t find anything in them that is anti-Catholic, so why is the Catholic League even entering into the discussion? Aside from the fact that they’re a bunch of assholes, I mean.

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