“Fast Eddie” Rendell & The Race Card

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, a stalwart supporter of the Clinton campaign, has made some pretty interesting comments about his constituency over in the Keystone State.

His original and by now infamous comments were a while back, but every now and then I hear about similar statements coming from him about Obama’s ability to win Pennsylvania in the upcoming primary.

On Tuesday, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published Rendell comments that there are some conservative whites in Pennsylvania “who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate.” He referred to the Democratic presidential contest between Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama.
Rendell’s race remark sparks ‘brouhaha’

Even if Rendells’ comments are absolutely on point (although there is some room for dispute about that), what a position to be in to make that point. You’re the governor, Ed! Instead of bringing up the alleged racism of your constituency, you should be trying to reform it, spin it, or at least bemoan it. On the contrary it’s almost like Rendell enjoys throwing out his opinion that the people he represents are racists who wouldn’t vote for a black guy. Must be something to be really proud of.

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