The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Clintonhausen

The New York Times has an article comparing Hillary’s foreign policy claims to her recently released (yet partially redacted) schedule during her husband’s presidency:

As Mrs. Clinton runs for president, a central theme of her candidacy has been that her years in the White House gave her firsthand experience in dealing with foreign crises. In her now-famous TV advertisements that ran before the Ohio and Texas primaries, she portrayed herself as the candidate best prepared to answer a 3 a.m. phone call to address a sudden crisis.

While there is no doubt that she had an intimate view of foreign policy during her husband’s presidency, her claims that she was a central player on counterterrorism, Ireland, Africa and the Balkans have come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks.
Clinton’s Schedules Offer Chance to Test Assertions – New York Times

I don’t have anything against Hillary having been the First Lady during Bill Clinton’s presidency (although Bill might differ on that opinion). It’s not like she was busy finding out if our children is learning after hearing about the 9/11 attacks.

However, if Clinton is going to go around touting how her foreign policy and national security experience is superior to Barack Obama’s because her hubby was prez, and if she’s going to make a bunch of claims about her accomplishments during that time, then she better be able to back it up. It seems her public schedule, while surely more grand than whatever I was doing those years, is a bit less dramatic as she has portrayed it.

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