Transcript: Barack Obama’s Speech on Race

It’s a little late in coming, but in case anyone’s tired of hearing only soundbites or paraphrasing of Obama’s speech, it can be found in total below. When you want to discuss the speech, portions thereof, or hear others discussing it, you have no excuse for not having read the entire thing, or not knowing what he did say and what he didn’t actually say. 😉

For instance I’ve heard a number of people, both on the air as well as online comments I’ve come across, say that he didn’t actually speak much about his relationship to controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright. However, in reading the actual speech, it seems to me that he spoke on that relationship quite pointedly.

So, please: do your mind a favor and don’t let others spin the speech for you when are perfectly capable of reading it yourself and making up your mind.

Transcript: Barack Obama’s Speech on Race : NPR

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