Tibet Videos from the BBC

BBC News has a number of videos of the ongoing crises in Tibet and surrounding regions of China.

See the BBC page here.

I’ve mirrored a few of the videos:

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2 Responses to Tibet Videos from the BBC

  1. madcap says:

    I appreciate the petition. I’m not in the UK, so in a sense I ‘leech’ off the BBC (as UK residents pay a tax to support it). I haven’t seen the documentary your petition references (and probably won’t, unless some US station picks it up), so I can’t speak on its details. If they are inaccurately portraying a Tibetan city, that’s a shame.

    Nevertheless, I wouldn’t accuse the whole of the BBC as you have. Clearly, the videos I pointed to, and the recent news reports all over the west should provide ample evidence that not everything is calm and peaceful in Tibet.

    There is obviously a lot of seething tension among the indigenous Tibetan people. However one feels about the eruption of violence, who is behind it, etc. one must admit that such passionate explosions would be much less likely if Tibetans were allowed to live their life and enjoy their culture in their land as they choose.

    My heart goes out to them, and I hope that all of the parties can arrive at a sensible solution that preserves every person’s security and dignity.

  2. Denise Foley says:

    Hi..please do not be fooled by the BBC, it is no friend of the Tibetan people..Please check out:


    Be great if folks could support this important petition, share the link, paste onto your blogs/sites..please help chalneg this shameful film. Many thanks. Denise

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