The Hits, They Keep A-Coming

The news has been making a small deal about this (hilariously awkward) exchange between a New York Times reporter and John McCain. Some background: Earlier at a town hall event, someone (jokingly?) reminded McCain about a conversation with John Kerry in 2004 in which Kerry offered McCain a VP slot, and asked if McCain would return the favor in 2008. McCain acknowledged Kerry’s offer and insisted he would not consider offering Kerry the nod.

Later, this NY Times reporter is trying to find out if McCain’s acknowledgement of the offer contradicts what he told the NYT at the time, in which he allegedly said he had no such meeting with Kerry.

As entertaining as that is, I didn’t think that was a big enough deal to post by itself, so I decided to add a few more hits from the Straight Talk Express:

McCain Rejects Torture

McCain Rejects Rejecting Torture

Kancho, McCain Style: 100 Years of Pain

McCain’s Policy on Setting Timetables

McCain on Foreign Policy

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